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1080 (Victoria Only)

1080 (Victoria Only)

Course Program

22275VIC Minimising Risks in the Use of 1080 Pest Animal Bait Products for Vertebrate Pest Control course 

Sodium fluoroacetate, commonly known as 1080, is used to control a variety of vertebrate pests in Victoria, such as rabbits, foxes, wild dogs and feral pigs.

1080 is a Schedule 7 (Dangerous Poison) and as such is currently restricted to those who hold a valid Agricultural Chemical User Permit (ACUP), Pest Control Licence (PCL), Pilot Licence (PCRL) or a Commercial Operator Licence with a vermin destroyer endorsement (COL), and complete specific training in order to obtain a 1080-endorsement to their licences.

1080 bait products are only one element of an integrated pest animal management strategy.

For more information about the 1080 endorsement on the ACUP, please check the Agriculture Victoria website.


Retail (chemical suppliers)
Rural production
Amenity horticulture Conservation and land management
Forestry Public land management

Units Obtained

VU21625 Implement the legislative requirements for the use of 1080 pest animal bait product

Face to Face Course

Course available only Face to Face

2 hours pre-course work, plus 1.5 hours face to face from 3:30pm - 5:00pm


Victoria only.

Requires students to have attained the AQF3 units AHCCHM303A Prepare and Apply Chemicals and AHCCHM304A Transport, handle and Store Chemicals or the newer units AHCCHM303 Prepare and Apply Chemicals and AHCCHM304 Transport and Store Chemicals.

These units can be undertaken the same day as the 1080 course if students do not have prior competency.

Alternatively, participants must have completed training which meets the requirements of the Victorian ACUP, COL, PCL or PCRL. For more information on these requirements see the Agriculture Victoria website.


Students will also need to show to prove identity with one of the items below:

  • Australian Birth Certificate (not Birth Extract)
  • current Australian Passport
  • current New Zealand Passport
  • naturalisation certificate
  • current green Medicare Card
  • formal documentation issued by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection confirming permanentresidence
  • signed declaration by a relevant referee (in absolute exceptional circumstances only).

Pre-course to be completed prior to attending



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