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New South Wales Legislation

NSW legislation 

Training in pesticide use is required under the Pesticides Regulation 2017.If you use pesticides as part of your work, you must

  • complete initial accreditation training
  • maintain your competency in the use of pesticides by

-renewing your training every 5 years by completing a short refresher course or

-participating in a quality assurance (QA) or stewardship program that has been approved by the EPA

You must be trained in pesticide use if your work involves using pesticides. This includes the use of:

  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • fungicides
  • bactericides
  • baits
  • lures
  • rodenticides (rat poison)

Some occupations that use pesticides include

  • farmers, market gardeners, flower growers, landscape gardeners, nursery operators, other occupations selling produce or livestock commercially
  • parkland or green keepers
  • ground rig operators
  • wood preservation operators
  • landlords
  • those using pesticides on behalf of a local council or government agency

If you are a pest management technician, fumigator, ground sprayer or aerial applicator licensed under the Pesticides Act 1999, there are other qualification requirements that apply to licensed pesticide users.

For information to see if you are exempt from training requirements contact the EPA on 131 555 or click here for more information

The EPA has also introduced the ground applicator licence, to see if you require it please click here. To apply for a ground applicator licence you need to have completed the specified chemical user training accreditation requirements. You can apply for your ground applicator licence online through the EPA website.



The 1080 and pindone pesticide control orders set out training requirements for the use of these pesticides.

Within the last 5 years, you must have completed

  • mandatory pesticide user training to AQF 3, or
  • the new 1080 and pindone course delivered through Local Land Services

The order sets out the conditions for using 1080 to control

  • wild dogs
  • foxes
  • feral pigs
  • rabbits


  • If you use other pesticides you are still required to meet the training requirements under the Pesticides Regulation 2009 
  • Only Authorised Control Officers (ACOs) can use 1080 liquid concentrate products. These officers have undergone specific training and received accreditation in the preparation and use of vertebrate poisons such as 1080.


For general information, please refer to your local state authorities websites:


Department of Primary Industries – NSW 


Last Updated March 2018.