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1080 Resources

 1080 Resources

Pesticide control Order for 1080
Pesticides Act 1999 - Pesticide control Order under section 38 (1080 Liquid Concentrate and bait products).

Risk Assessment for 1080 Use 
Risk assessment is a requirement of several PCOs prior to baiting. Risk assessments should consider items such as the impact on non-target species and the safe placement of bait products.

First Aid for Dogs and Domesticated Pets
Wherever 1080 baiting is taking place, there is always a risk of accidental poisoning. This simple guide will go through the first aid steps if poisoning occurs.

1080 Permit (Permit 8781)
Permit for supplying a perishable bait treated with a registered chemical product. Without this permit it would be an offence against the Agvet Codes for a person to possess, supply and use the unregistered bait

This guide covers all aspects of this Hazardous Chemical and how it affects health and safety in the workplace. It contains information about safe handling, storage, emergency and disposal procedures. The SDS should always be referred to when assessing risks in the workplace.

Example 1080 Signage DEPI VIC 
Proper signage must be displayed on all lands where baiting has been carried out to inform people using or entering the land of the potential risk. Signs must be erected at all vehicular entry points and any other commonly used entry points to the land immediately before 1080 pest baits are laid.