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Complaints Procedure

Complaints Policy

We aim to resolve any difficulties, grievances, complaints and appeals in a prompt, impartial and just manner. All complaints about CTG's services are handled in an equitable, fair, transparent, objective and timely manner. Confidentiality and anonymity is preserved where possible.

CTG attempts to resolve complaints at the Trainer/Assessor level in class. If not resolved, the complaint can be addressed to ChemCert Head Office by the General Manager. In circumstances where it is not possible to arrive at a resolution, an independent adjudicator will be appointed.

Students can fill in a complaint form found on the ChemCert webpage or by calling Head Office and discussing the complaint over the phone.

Records are kept of all complaints, appeals and feedback and any actions taken by CTG to resolve any issue. CTG uses this information to ensure continuous improvement in the provision of its training services.

If students or employees/subcontractors have any concerns they should call the CTG Office on 02 9439 7910 and speak to the General Manager, Graham Edney.


Complaints and Appeals Procedure

1. Complaints about Courses, Trainer/Assessors and assessments, where appropriate, should be expressed through the general course feedback forms that all students are presented with at the conclusion of a course. This general feedback mechanism is an anonymous process.

2. Students and other members of the community may lodge a complaint or appeal to the General Manager of CTG in the following ways:
Filling in this online complaints form
General Manager
ChemCert Training Group
PO Box 547
St Leonards NSW 1590
Phone: 02 9439 7910
Fax: 02 9460 9087

3. The General Manager of CTG will contact the student within 10 business days of receiving a specific complaint to discuss outcomes.

4. If the student is not satisfied by how their complaint or appeal was handled by the General Manager of CTG, they may make a complaint Mark Scott, an independent third party. He can be emailed at

5. If the student is still not satisfied by how their complaint have been handled, they can contact ASQA:

visit their website; or

ring the complaints team on 1300 701 801

Course failure/NYC Procedure

If students are made “not yet competent” on the day of their course, the student has a few options:

The student can switch to another mode of course delivery (eg online to face to face), at no extra cost

The student can choose to re-sit another course (at no extra cost)

The student can take their workbook home and have up to 21 days to complete, and then send it back to the trainer


All choices may not be available to all students, depending on LLN level or courses in their area. The student’s trainer will advise them of the option they think is best suited to the student.