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Complaints Procedure


Complaints and Appeals policy and procedure

ChemCert values its students and where a student believes that their learning experience does not meet their expectations, students are able to raise their concerns through the following avenues:

  • Complaints Form on the ChemCert website here.
  • Students can discuss their concerns in a respectful manner with the Trainer/Assessor in class. If it cannot be immediately resolved, the Trainer/Assessor will direct the informal complaint to the ChemCert Head Office. Students will be contacted by a designated staff via phone.
  • Online students will be able to direct their concerns to the Trainer/Assessor via email.
  • Complaints about Trainer/Assessors and assessments, where appropriate, can be expressed through the general course feedback forms that all students are presented with at the conclusion of a course. This general feedback mechanism is an anonymous process. If it is a matter that cannot wait until the conclusion of the course, students can contact the Enrolment Centre via phone 1800 444 228 or via the online Complaints Form on the ChemCert Website. Complaints received will remain confidential and escalated to management if required.

All complaints about ChemCert services are handled in an equitable, fair, transparent, objective and timely manner. Confidentiality and anonymity are preserved where possible. For more information please refer to our Complaints and Appeals policy and procedure.