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Green-on-Green spot spraying – dream or reality?

3 June, 2019

The use of technology to make pesticide use more efficient through better control while using less pesticide is becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. Unfortunately there is a growing mistrust within the general community of many agricultural practices.  ..

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Meet ChemCert’s New Trainer Robert Kakoschke

2 June, 2019

ChemCert Training Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Kakoschke as a Chemical Trainer in South Australia. Robert was raised on a mixed broadacre/livestock property in Murray Mallee region of South Australia. He holds a major in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Adelaide.  ..

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The 2019 Agsafe Stewardship Conference and Awards

1 June, 2019

Have you heard about the Agsafe Stewardship Conference and Awards? If you are interested in attending download the flyer for more information.  ..

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