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Controlling Weeds in Vineyards

4 September, 2020

Australian wine is well known for its quality and reliability and the Australian wine industry are world leaders in innovation and quality control. The maintenance of its reputation increases pressure on the vineyard managers to stay well within the allowed limits for the use of pesticides. ..

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Beirut and The Hazards of Storing Ammonium Nitrate

3 September, 2020

You would have to be void of emotion and compassion to have not been shocked and saddened at what happened in Beirut, Lebanon on the 4th August 2020.That afternoon, two explosions occurred at the port of Beirut city where a large quantity of ammonium nitrate was being stored.

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Freshcare Standards for the fresh produce & wine grape industry

2 September, 2020

Freshcare is the largest Australian assurance program, specialising in food safety, quality, environmental and sustainability certification. Freshcare is industry owned and established to meet the needs of Australian producers in fulfilling both domestic and global market requirements.   ..

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