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Meet ChemCert’s new CEO Graham Edney.

ChemCert Training Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Edney as the new Chief Executive Officer.

Graham has been Director and Chairman in both Public and Private Companies over his successful career to date. He has also run a number of companies specialising in innovation and technology. Graham is the founder of HAS Solutions, a world class company with over 260 emergency department installations in Australia, Canada, England, Wales and New Zealand.

His diverse background and management experience in the technology sector combined with his strong business skills contribute to the effective and efficient operation of our organisation.

As ChemCert is a not for profit Registered Training organisation, Graham wants to create courses, apps and content that the industry wants and needs. We are working on creating industry specific courses that students can complete after they have been accredited in our AQF3 course. These courses would be online and would give the student up to date industry knowledge and extra information that may not have been covered in-depth in the AQF3 course.

Graham is hoping to put his experience in technology to better connect students from all industries with tools and up to date information, that they can easily access in apps.

ChemCert wants to reconnect with industry groups and learn what they want and need from training for people in their sector. Graham is interested in hearing suggestions about what courses and information we should focus on. If you have any suggestions, please email