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Disposing of Unwanted Chemicals with Chemclear

8 March, 2016

Disposing chemicalsChemClear helps users of agvet chemicals manage chemical storages and deliver solutions for chemical waste disposal. ..

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Unprecedented Spray Drift Damage

1 February, 2016

cotton crop Cotton Australia has reported that 20% of Australia’s cotton crop has been damaged this season, representing an area of 60,000 hectares and a cost to the industry of around $20 million dollars, perhaps the worst level of damage for 30 years.


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Waste Management on Farms

22 January, 2016

waste management on farmsGood waste management on farms is essential to ensure a safe, healthy and productive farming enterprise. All owners and occupiers of land in Australia have obligations under legislation to ensure that their farm waste does not affect the environment. ..

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Alternate Sheep Drench to Combat Resistance

14 January, 2016

Australian sheep Sheep worms cost Australian sheep producers $369 million each year. Based on Meat and Livestock Australia’s latest national flock size estimates, worms cost farmers on average more than $5 per sheep every year.  ..

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What a Unique Student Identifier is and how to get one

9 December, 2015

USI From the start of 2015, all Australian students undergoing nationally recognised training need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).  ..

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Register your Fenthion products with ChemClear

2 November, 2015

FenthionThe use of any chemical product containing Fenthion ceased after October 2015 following a 12 month phase out period by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). ..

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I​nternal Parasite Control in Sheep

28 October, 2015

internal parasite control in sheep Internal parasites in sheep are a perpetual challenge to owners, especially for those operating in high rainfall or intensive conditions, and cost producers $369 million each year.  ..

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ChemCert now offers Control Weeds Online

30 September, 2015

Online control weeds Control Weeds (AHCPMG301A), is an AQF level 3 unit of competence and is included in five training packages including Sport, Fitness and Recreation, Racing, Health, Forestry Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management.

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​The Dos and Don’ts of Spraying in Public areas

21 September, 2015

spraying in public Controlling weeds and insect pests in domestic gardens, public parks and ovals requires an operator to be at the top of their game. ..

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Fruit fly Integrated Pest Management

3 August, 2015

fruit flyFruit fly costs the nation roughly $300 million a year in control and lost markets, with over 75% of Australian fruit and vegetable exports susceptible. ..

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