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Glyphosate – What are the Risks?

21 September, 2017

glyphosate useAccording to Benbrook (1), primary producers applied about 51.3 million kilograms of glyphosate worldwide in 1995. ..

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Good Bugs to Control the Bad

26 July, 2017

Good Bugs to Control the Bad The techniques used to combat weeds and pests in primary production (and amenity horticulture) are undergoing significant change. ..

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GHS of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals

17 July, 2017

GHS Agsafe The Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is mandatory in most states and territories in Australia since 1 January 2017. ..

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Chemcert 10 Point Herbicide Use Flow Chart

5 July, 2017

10 Point Herbicide Flow ChartEver used robust rates of a non-selective post emergent herbicide such as Roundup or other glyphosate formulations and not had a good kill and wondered why?  ..

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Top Tips to Safely Mix Chemical Concentrates

6 June, 2017

mixing chemical concentratesAlmost a decade of training chemical users across Australia, as well as 20 years as a grazier, provides you with some insight into the hazards of mixing chemical concentrates. ..

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5 Megatrends Shaping Australian Agriculture

21 April, 2017

Australian agricultureWith a total area of 445 million hectares committed to all types of agriculture in Australia, the gross value of farm production is forecast to reach a new record of $63.18 billion in 2016/17 financial year.

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The Dose Makes the Poison

4 April, 2017

ToxicityParacelsus, born way back in 1493 in Switzerland, is credited with being the first medical scientist (started the use of chemically based medications over herbal remedies) and is also the founder of toxicology. ..

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Keep your AgVet Chemicals cool

10 March, 2017

Keep chemicals coolIn the extreme heat of the summer months, Agsafe published an article with five tips to help ensure chemical safety and product integrity, even when the barometer hits 40 degrees. ..

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The Importance of Biosecurity

7 February, 2017

Biosecurity It has been a challenging time for Biosecurity Queensland recently dealing with several biosecurity events: ..

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​Tips for Diversity and Integration in Weed Control

18 January, 2017

weed controlIf you look at the chemical control of weeds specifically, there have been no new herbicide mode of action groupings for around 20 years.  ..

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