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5 Megatrends Shaping Australian Agriculture

21 April, 2017

Australian agricultureWith a total area of 445 million hectares committed to all types of agriculture in Australia, the gross value of farm production is forecast to reach a new record of $63.18 billion in 2016/17 financial year.

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Understanding Pesticide Labels

9 May, 2016

pesticide labelsWhen you use a pesticide the aim is getting as close to 100% control of your weed, pest or disease as possible, with minimal exposure of yourself, others and the environment, and to have no residues on what you sell to market (well at the least below the accepted maximum residues levels). ..

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Amendment of the Pesticides Act in NSW

2 February, 2015

amendment of pesticide act NSW As part of enacting nationally agreed pesticide reforms in NSW, some amendments to the NSW Pesticides Act 1999 have been proposed. The Pesticides Amendment Bill 2014 has been passed by the NSW Legislative Assembly and is awaiting consideration by the NSW Legislative Council.  ..

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The Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation

22 October, 2014