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Good Bugs to Control the Bad

26 July, 2017

Good Bugs to Control the Bad The techniques used to combat weeds and pests in primary production (and amenity horticulture) are undergoing significant change. ..

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A New Fox and Wild Dog Bait - PAPP

7 November, 2016

PAPPThe economic impact on agriculture nationally of predation and mauling of livestock by wild dogs and foxes is around 166 million dollars per year (see and for further details).  ..

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Russian Wheat Aphid and Varroa Mite

27 July, 2016

russian wheat aphid and varroa miteTwo recent events highlight the importance of biosecurity for Australia in general and Australian agriculture in particular: ..

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I‚Äčnternal Parasite Control in Sheep

28 October, 2015

internal parasite control in sheep Internal parasites in sheep are a perpetual challenge to owners, especially for those operating in high rainfall or intensive conditions, and cost producers $369 million each year.  ..

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Fruit fly Integrated Pest Management

3 August, 2015

fruit flyFruit fly costs the nation roughly $300 million a year in control and lost markets, with over 75% of Australian fruit and vegetable exports susceptible. ..

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How to Ensure Good Results in Weed Control

29 July, 2015

weed control strategyWhen planning a weed control strategy, setting goals is the first step. But what is considered a good result in holistic terms? ..

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