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Spraying Efficiency

20 March, 2020

The efficiency of refilling operations can have a major impact on the cost-effectiveness of spraying as well as the lifespan of the spray machinery. ..

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Nozzles and Adjuvants

28 August, 2019

Pick the nozzle for spraying quality and then the adjuvant for optimising control.  The new regulations for using 2,4-D means that growers must use very coarse (VC) to ultra-coarse (UC) spray qualities for their fallow spraying depending on the conditions and sensitive areas in the vicinity. ..

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Green-on-Green spot spraying – dream or reality?

3 June, 2019

The use of technology to make pesticide use more efficient through better control while using less pesticide is becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. Unfortunately there is a growing mistrust within the general community of many agricultural practices.  ..

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What is the real story behind pH and hardness of spray solutions?

9 April, 2019

PH and water hardinessThe quality of water being used in the spray tank to act as the carrier for your pesticides can have significant effects on how well those pesticides will work. It is surprising, however, to find that very few growers have had water quality tested. ..

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ChemCert Spray Applicator Checklist for Group I Herbicides

1 August, 2018

spray applicator☐ Pre-operational check carried out on a clean sprayer with fresh water and a pre-season calibration performed to ensure correct application rates as well as proper machine function.  ..

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Vineyard Spray Application

4 May, 2018

silvan sprayerFew would argue that it is more of a challenging task to correctly calibrate a vineyard sprayer than a broadacre sprayer. There is much to consider here but for vineyard application, one can note:

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