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Green-on-Green spot spraying – dream or reality?

3 June, 2019

The use of technology to make pesticide use more efficient through better control while using less pesticide is becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. Unfortunately there is a growing mistrust within the general community of many agricultural practices.  ..

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ChemCert Spray Applicator Checklist for Group I Herbicides

1 August, 2018

spray applicator☐ Pre-operational check carried out on a clean sprayer with fresh water and a pre-season calibration performed to ensure correct application rates as well as proper machine function.  ..

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Spraying at Night - Minimising the Risk

21 November, 2017

Night Spraying AGRONOMOMost broad-acre growers want the capacity to spray their whole farm within about a ten day period or less if possible. ..

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Unprecedented Spray Drift Damage

1 February, 2016

cotton crop Cotton Australia has reported that 20% of Australia’s cotton crop has been damaged this season, representing an area of 60,000 hectares and a cost to the industry of around $20 million dollars, perhaps the worst level of damage for 30 years.


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​The Dos and Don’ts of Spraying in Public areas

21 September, 2015

spraying in public Controlling weeds and insect pests in domestic gardens, public parks and ovals requires an operator to be at the top of their game. ..

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How to avoid spray drift

2 February, 2015

Spray drift Neighbour relationships can turn sour in summer when fallow sprays with glyphosate and 2, 4-D drift over boundary fences, either by wind action (spray drift) or as vapour drift, and damage non-target crops like canola, grapes, tomatoes and shelterbelts. ..

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