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Controlling Weeds in Vineyards

4 September, 2020

Australian wine is well known for its quality and reliability and the Australian wine industry are world leaders in innovation and quality control. The maintenance of its reputation increases pressure on the vineyard managers to stay well within the allowed limits for the use of pesticides. ..

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Managing weeds in hay and grain

27 November, 2019

We have seen considerable press about stock feed moving around the country to support drought-stricken primary producers. Trucks loaded with hay have been regular and emotive vision on our televisions and in our press. ..

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Alternatives to Synthetic Herbicides

29 August, 2019

Conventional herbicides - public perceptions take a dive. Despite the community benefits that herbicides have provided with improved weed control, the perception of conventional herbicides, in the eyes of the public, has taken a few hits. ..

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Green-on-Green spot spraying – dream or reality?

3 June, 2019

The use of technology to make pesticide use more efficient through better control while using less pesticide is becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. Unfortunately there is a growing mistrust within the general community of many agricultural practices.  ..

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Identifying Plants – Start with the Basics

5 June, 2018

Identifying PlantsTo successfully manage weeds, pests or diseases they must be correctly identified. Misidentification leads to incorrect control practices which is costly and often making the problem worse.

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Testing for Herbicide Susceptibility

12 December, 2017

Testing for herbicide resistanceHerbicide resistant weeds are now driving the farming system in many areas, reducing crop yields and limiting enterprise options for growers. ..

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Glyphosate – What are the Risks?

21 September, 2017

glyphosate useAccording to Benbrook (1), primary producers applied about 51.3 million kilograms of glyphosate worldwide in 1995. ..

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Chemcert 10 Point Herbicide Use Flow Chart

5 July, 2017

10 Point Herbicide Flow ChartEver used robust rates of a non-selective post emergent herbicide such as Roundup or other glyphosate formulations and not had a good kill and wondered why?  ..

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​Tips for Diversity and Integration in Weed Control

18 January, 2017

weed controlIf you look at the chemical control of weeds specifically, there have been no new herbicide mode of action groupings for around 20 years.  ..

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​The Dos and Don’ts of Spraying in Public areas

21 September, 2015

spraying in public Controlling weeds and insect pests in domestic gardens, public parks and ovals requires an operator to be at the top of their game. ..

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