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Post Course

What documentation do I receive when I successfully complete a ChemCert course?

The documentation you will receive depends on the qualification you achieve competency in. The course competency and documents are listed below:

  • AQF2 - Statement of Attainment
  • AQF3 - Certificate, Statement of attainment and ChemCert card
  • AQF4 - Certificate and Statement of Attainment
  • Control Weeds - Statement of Attainment
  • 1080 Endorsement Course - Statement of Attainment

When you successfully completed the AQF3 course, you will receive a ChemCert card. In some states you may need to show that you’re competent at the AQF3 level. To make this easier, we send students the ChemCert card to keep in their wallet if they’re asked to show evidence of competency (eg when purchasing chemicals). ChemCert cards have your student ID number and date of expiry.

If you have completed multiple courses at the same time and wish for these to be on your card together, please email to discuss your options.


How long does it take to receive my ChemCert Accreditation Card and certificate?

If you have paid for your course, completed the Assessment Workbook and been marked competent you should receive your ChemCert Accreditation Card and Statement of Attainment within 21 days.

We cannot send any ChemCert Cards out until we have received full payment for the course. To prevent delays with your documents, we ask that students make their payment no later than the day of the course. We prefer, were possible, that payment is made in advance.

We may also need additional information from you, such as a USI. To make the process as smooth as possible, we ask that students obtain their Unique Student Identifier before their course and provide it us.


What happens if I need my ChemCert Accreditation urgently?

Please contact ChemCert Office on 1800 444 228 and we will try and assist you.


I have lost my ChemCert Card/Certificate of attainment 

Simply fill out the Replacement ChemCert Accreditation Card application form.
To help us locate your records it is important that you supply as much information about your attendance at the ChemCert course as you can. Please allow up to 10 working days to receive your replacement card. Please note you will be charged an administration fee of $15 GST inclusive, that covers searching for your details and processing of the card.


Complaints and Appeals policy and procedure

ChemCert values its students and where a student believes that their learning experience does not meet their expectations, students are able to raise their concerns through the following avenues:

  • Complaints Form on the ChemCert website here.
  • Students can discuss their concerns in a respectful manner with the Trainer/Assessor in class. If it cannot be immediately resolved, the Trainer/Assessor will direct the informal complaint to the ChemCert Head Office. Students will be contacted by a designated staff via phone.
  • Online students will be able to direct their concerns to the Trainer/Assessor via email.
  • Complaints about Trainer/Assessors and assessments, where appropriate, can be expressed through the general course feedback forms that all students are presented with at the conclusion of a course. This general feedback mechanism is an anonymous process. If it is a matter that cannot wait until the conclusion of the course, students can contact the Enrolment Centre via phone 1800 444 228 or via the online Complaints Form on the ChemCert Website. Complaints received will remain confidential and escalated to management if required.

All complaints about ChemCert services are handled in an equitable, fair, transparent, objective and timely manner. Confidentiality and anonymity are preserved where possible. For more information please refer to our Complaints and Appeals policy and procedure.