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South Australia Legislation


In South Australia everyone who either purchases or uses Schedule 7 chemicals must hold a current Chemical Accreditation, like ChemCert AQF3.

The Chemical Accreditation card expires after 5 years, at which time a Re-Accreditation is required. The expectation to attend further training every 5 years recognises the fact that legislation and best-practices might change significantly over time.

In addition to the legal requirements for chemical training, most quality assurance programs for primary producers require formal chemical training for those who use chemical substances in their workplace.

Group I herbicides

All commercial users (user or person applying the herbicide) of specific Group I herbicides (i.e. 2,4-D, 2, 4-DB, MCPA, dicamba, triclopyr, picloram, clopyralid and fluroxypyr)must hold, as a minimum, a current statement of attainment for a prescribed qualification incorporating the competency (AHCCHM303A) ‘Prepare and Apply Chemicals’.

This competency requirement forms part of the current suite of prescribed chemical training courses offered by qualified training providers already.The regulations apply to broad acre agricultural users, licensed contractors and local government spray activities but not home gardener, lifestyle property owner or industrial site users.

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