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Victoria Legislation


In Victoria a Standard Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACUP) is required for users of agricultural chemical products that: are Schedule 7 poisons (DANGEROUS POISONS) contain atrazine, metham sodium or ester formulations of 2,4-D, 2,4-DB, MCPA or triclopyr.

Successful completion of the ChemCert AQF3 course allows participants to apply to the Victorian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) for a standard Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACUP), which is valid for 10 years. The ChemCert card requires reaccreditation after a period of 5 years.

The Standard ACUP does not include use of 1080 or pindone, an extra short course is required to use these poisons.

ACUP process:

1. Complete a ChemCert Course

2. Send a certified copy of your statement of Attainment from ChemCert to DEPI along with your ACUP application form

3. Apply for the Standard ACUP and pay the $50.30 fee for 10 years

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