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Victoria Legislation

In Victoria a Standard Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACUP) is required for users of agricultural chemical products that: are Schedule 7 poisons (DANGEROUS POISONS) contain atrazine, metham sodium or ester formulations of 2,4-D, 2,4-DB, MCPA or triclopyr.

Successful completion of the ChemCert AQF3 course allows participants to apply to the Agriculture Victoria for a standard Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (ACUP), which is valid for 10 years. The ChemCert card requires reaccreditation after a period of 5 years.

From November 2020 ChemCert will also offer a 1080 short course for students who wish to purchase and use 1080 or pindone (PAPP) baits in Victoria.

On completion of the ChemCert 1080 course (and prior completion of the AQF3), you will be eligible to obtain a 1080 endorsement to your ACUP.  

ACUP process:

1. Complete an AQF3 ChemCert Course

3. Send a certified copy of your AQF3 statement of Attainment from ChemCert to Ag Vic along with your ACUP application form

4. Apply for the Standard ACUP and pay the $56.25 fee for 10 years

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