Australian sheep Sheep worms cost Australian sheep producers $369 million each year. Based on Meat and Livestock Australia’s latest national flock size estimates, worms cost farmers on average more than $5 per sheep every year.
It has also been showed that the annual cost of worms is over $8.50 per sheep within prime lamb enterprises.
This productivity threat is amplified with an increasing number of worms becoming resistant to existing drench actives, in doing so reducing the effectiveness of certain drenches in controlling worms. Although a large number of producers are not fully aware of their drench resistance status, it has been shown that more than 95% of Australian sheep properties have drench resistance issues.
Startect from Zoetis marks the first time that an entirely new class of sheep drench has been released in combination to better protect itself against chemical resistance. Startect contains derquantel, the first active from the new SI class (Spiroindoles), purposely combined with the powerful ML abamectin.
Startect works differently and has been proven to work where other drenches fail in over 200 local farm trials. When used routinely it also extends the useful life of older morefragile drenches, giving more drenching options in future.
A 28-day ESI (Export Slaughter Interval) allows speed to market and trading flexibility.
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