Online control weeds Control Weeds (AHCPMG301A), is an AQF level 3 unit of competence and is included in five training packages including Sport, Fitness and Recreation, Racing, Health, Forestry Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management.
The course starts with weed identification (and those that are state declared), looks at planning and coordinating weed control activities in an integrated manner, involving other non- chemical controls such as using beneficial insects and physical controls like mowing, slashing and cultivation.
There is a simulated chemical control with corresponding risk assessment concerning environmental and personal hazards and a calibration for mechanised equipment. The course finishes with a review of historical chemical controls, how they were recorded and how effective they were.

Requirements for State licensing

In Queensland you require a Commercial Operators license in order to perform ground distribution of herbicides by powered machine on land you don’t own or occupy, and in order to qualify for this license you need to achieve competency in three AQF level 3 units:

  • AHCCHM303A – Prepare and Apply Chemicals
  • AHCCHM304A – Transport, Handle and Store Chemicals
  • AHCPMG301A – Control Weeds

Do the first two units first in a Chemcert AQF3 course , and then the Control Weeds course, available bundled together in either the face to face course or online.
Control Weeds is also required in states such as SA and TAS for licensing of Pest Management Technicians, along with three other AQF level three units of competence.

Bundling and Pricing

Control Weeds as a standalone online unit of competence is $175. Bundle it with the Chemcert Chemical Accreditation AQF3 ($340 on its own in SA, NSW, QLD, TAS) and pay only $450.