ChemClear helps users of agvet chemicals manage chemical storages and deliver solutions for chemical waste disposal.
98% of the chemicals collected under the ChemClear program are used as an alternate fuel source through a range of disposal methods and technologies. The remaining 2% (organochlorines, arsenics and cyanides) are treated by either Plasma Arc technology, used as an alternate fuel source to fire cement kilns or stabilised and fixated for secure land fill as per state EPA guidelines.
If you are savvy you will use Chemclear’s free disposal service for currently registered chemicals (or those chemicals within two years of deregistration).

Got some Fenthion to get rid of?

The APVMA cancelled the following Fenthion products on the 15th October 2015:
• Avigel Pest Bird Control Agent;
• Avigrease Pest Bird Eradication Compound ;
• Control-A-Bird Agent;
• David Grays Mosquito and Spider Spray Insecticide;
• Tiguvon Spot-on Cattle Lice Insecticide;
• Amalgamated Pest Control 1% Fenthion Dust (cancelled 02/11/2015)
According to National ChemClear Manager Lisa Nixon, “Once the product is withdrawn from use, people holding Fenthion products manufactured by any of our 119 participating manufacturers will be able to register their products with ChemClear until October 2017. All eligible product will be collected free of charge. You will still be able to register after 2017, but the service will no longer be free.”
“Collections periodically occur in each state and territory, and registrations must be made with ChemClear so we know where the product is located. Once you register products with the program, we will be able to keep you informed about collections in your region.”


Got to , download the Chemclear inventory form and list all unwanted products , drum sizes and their quantities and then store them in a cordoned off area in your locked chemical shed in readiness for delivery to the Chemclear retrieval vehicle at the advised location in your vicinity.


ChemClear has collected over 500 tonnes of unwanted chemical across Australia since the start of the program in 2003.As you can imagine disposal through Chemclear is infinitely better than open burningas shown below, which is both hazardous to the environment and your pocket given the resultant EPA prosecutions and fines.
So get on board and dispose of your surplus stocks of Fenthion (or any other registered pesticide product) the right way, through Chemclear at no charge.