Freshcare is the largest Australian assurance program, specialising in food safety, quality, environmental and sustainability certification. Freshcare is industry owned and established to meet the needs of Australian producers in fulfilling both domestic and global market requirements.

Freshcare was developed by the Australian fresh produce industry, in response to the need for a practical, cost-effective, industry-focussed food safety program. Based on GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles, the Freshcare food safety and quality program is designed to allow it to be implemented by all grower businesses, regardless of crops, size of the operation, or location.
Following successful recognition of our Food Safety & Quality Standard – Edition 4.1 to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), Freshcare certification now provides global acceptance, underpinning confidence in the safety and quality of Australian fresh produce from paddock to plate.
The ownership of Freshcare by the Australian horticulture industry and the majority uptake of the certification programs offered by the local industry, has been at the forefront of safeguarding the industry from government regulations at a primary production level. Freshcare certification provides the evidence that the Australian horticulture industry actively operates to a robust, globally benchmarked food safety program.
Freshcare Standards

  • Freshcare provides a suite of globally recognised assurance standards for the fresh produce and wine grape industries, as follows:
  • Freshcare Food Safety & Quality – On-farm Standard – Edition 4.1 (FSQ4.1)
  • Freshcare Food Safety & Quality – Supply Chain Standard – Edition 1 (SC1)
  • Freshcare Environmental – On-farm Standard – Edition 3 (ENV3)
  • Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standard of Sustainable Practice – Viticulture – Edition 1 (AWISSP-VIT1)
  • Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standard of Sustainable Practice – Winery – Edition 1 (AWISSP-WIN1)

Freshcare provides Standards that are science-based, practical, prescriptive, supported by user-friendly resources and a required training component, to ensure they are consistently delivered to industry.
Following completion of training, program implementation and record keeping, businesses undertake an independent audit to the Freshcare Standard to verify compliance in the program requirements. Businesses who successfully complete their audit will achieve certification to the Freshcare Standard.
Benefit to businesses

As an organisation in existence to service the needs of its participating businesses, Freshcare is continually working for better outcomes for its participants, and to ensure the requirements of the Freshcare Standards continues to meet multiple market requirements.
Businesses certified to Freshcare can feel confident they are meeting global best practice standards that are compliant with local and international requirements.
Freshcare certification has been used to support added benefits to participating businesses outside of direct market supply chains. Freshcare certification demonstrates continuity and good business practices are undertaken by the individual businesses involved and hence has been used for the purpose of negotiating reduced insurance premiums; supporting evidence for financial loans