The SA Government has declared an additional 24 weeds , including the highly flammable buffel grass, and sweet pittosporum, as well as gazania and white arum lily (some exemptions for sterile cultivars) in order to reduce their impact as pest plants across South Australia.

Five formerly declared plants, including onion weed, have been removed whilst the state policies on 22 other declared plants such as Salvation Jane have been updated.
Many conservationists regard buffel grass as the most invasive weed species threat across the arid regions of Australia and unfortunately it is well established in the far north west of the state, hence the heightened focus of resources on its containment and spread.

According to Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter buffel grass has invaded the semi-arid rangelands and is encroaching southwards and is known as a transformer weed in rangelands as it can change the character of the vegetation over wide areas.
For full details of the new policies on these declared weeds and regionally problematic weed species in each of the 8 NRM boards, go to the PIRSA website, or click here .