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Managing Weeds Along Roadsides


Australia has over 874,000 km of roads which translates to 1.75 million km of roadsides with vegetation that ...

2 February 2021
Managing Weeds Along Roadsides2021-03-01T11:01:03+11:00

The Rise of the Fall Armyworm


Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) has recently been found across northern Australia with the most recent ...

15 January 2021
The Rise of the Fall Armyworm2021-03-01T11:01:18+11:00

Controlling Weeds in Vineyards


Australian wine is well known for its quality and reliability and the Australian wine industry are world lead ...

3 September 2020
Controlling Weeds in Vineyards2021-02-16T18:42:46+11:00

Beirut and The Hazards of Storing Ammonium Nitrate


You would have to be void of emotion and compassion to have not been shocked and saddened at what happened in ...

2 September 2020
Beirut and The Hazards of Storing Ammonium Nitrate2021-02-18T13:20:12+11:00

Respiratory Protection for Airborne Hazards including the Coronavirus


Recently in Sydney it has not been uncommon to see people wearing surgical masks when out in public in an atte ...

20 March 2020
Respiratory Protection for Airborne Hazards including the Coronavirus2020-12-17T15:07:53+11:00

Spraying Efficiency


The efficiency of refilling operations can have a major impact on the cost-effectiveness of spraying as well a ...

19 March 2020
Spraying Efficiency2020-12-17T15:08:12+11:00

Alternatives to Synthetic Herbicides


Conventional herbicides - public perceptions take a dive. Despite the community benefits that herbicides have ...

28 August 2019
Alternatives to Synthetic Herbicides2020-12-17T15:09:44+11:00

Nozzles and Adjuvants


Pick the nozzle for spraying quality and then the adjuvant for optimising control. The new regulations for usi ...

27 August 2019
Nozzles and Adjuvants2020-12-17T15:10:20+11:00