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AQF3 Chemical Accreditation


AQF3 Face to face courses have recommenced in some states ChemCert is constantly monitoring the Government adv ...

4 June 2020
AQF3 Chemical Accreditation2020-12-17T15:08:57+11:00

Updated AQF3 Chemical Accreditation Training


ChemCert Training group delivers AQF3 chemical accreditation courses all over Australia. The AQF3 units AHCCHM ...

14 October 2019
Updated AQF3 Chemical Accreditation Training2020-12-17T15:09:20+11:00

Good Bugs to Control the Bad


The techniques used to combat weeds and pests in primary production (and amenity horticulture) are undergoing ...

25 July 2017
Good Bugs to Control the Bad2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

Chemcert 10 Point Herbicide Use Flow Chart


Ever used robust rates of a non-selective post emergent herbicide such as Roundup or other glyphosate formulat ...

4 July 2017
Chemcert 10 Point Herbicide Use Flow Chart2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

Top Tips to Safely Mix Chemical Concentrates


Almost a decade of training chemical users across Australia, as well as 20 years as a grazier, provides you wi ...

5 June 2017
Top Tips to Safely Mix Chemical Concentrates2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

5 Megatrends Shaping Australian Agriculture


With a total area of 445 million hectares committed to all types of agriculture in Australia, the gross value ...

20 April 2017
5 Megatrends Shaping Australian Agriculture2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

The Dose Makes the Poison


Paracelsus, born way back in 1493 in Switzerland, is credited with being the first medical scientist (started ...

3 April 2017
The Dose Makes the Poison2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

Keep your AgVet Chemicals cool


In the extreme heat of the summer months, Agsafe published an article with five tips to help ensure chemical s ...

9 March 2017
Keep your AgVet Chemicals cool2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

​Tips for Diversity and Integration in Weed Control


If you look at the chemical control of weeds specifically, there have been no new herbicide mode of action gro ...

17 January 2017
​Tips for Diversity and Integration in Weed Control2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00