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Pathway to Drone Application


Story Updated: 13/01/2023 Unmanned Aerial Spraying Systems (UASS) AKA Spray Drones, UAV, RPAS) have been ente ...

10 June 2021
Pathway to Drone Application2023-01-13T11:42:35+11:00

5 Megatrends Shaping Australian Agriculture


With a total area of 445 million hectares committed to all types of agriculture in Australia, the gross value ...

20 April 2017
5 Megatrends Shaping Australian Agriculture2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

A New Fox and Wild Dog Bait – PAPP


The economic impact on agriculture nationally of predation and mauling of livestock by wild dogs and foxes is ...

6 November 2016
A New Fox and Wild Dog Bait – PAPP2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

Understanding Pesticide Labels


When you use a pesticide the aim is getting as close to 100% control of your weed, pest or disease as possible ...

8 May 2016
Understanding Pesticide Labels2020-10-12T11:53:17+11:00

Amendment of the Pesticides Act in NSW


As part of enacting nationally agreed pesticide reforms in NSW, some amendments to the NSW Pesticides Act 1999 ...

1 February 2015
Amendment of the Pesticides Act in NSW2020-10-12T11:53:54+11:00

New Weeds declared in South Australia


The SA Government has declared an additional 24 weeds , including the highly flammable buffel grass, and sweet ...

1 February 2015
New Weeds declared in South Australia2020-10-12T11:53:54+11:00

The Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation


If you were fearing the loss of some important chemical activities due to the cost implications of increased r ...

21 October 2014
The Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation2020-10-12T11:53:54+11:00