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Australia – Worlds Food Bowl or a Niche Contributor


Thomas Malthus, an English economist and demographer, in 1798, proposed a theory that population growth will ...

17 February 2021
Australia – Worlds Food Bowl or a Niche Contributor2021-03-01T11:00:46+11:00

Managing Weeds Along Roadsides


Australia has over 874,000 km of roads which translates to 1.75 million km of roadsides with vegetation that ...

2 February 2021
Managing Weeds Along Roadsides2021-03-01T11:01:03+11:00

The Rise of the Fall Armyworm


Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) has recently been found across northern Australia with the most recent ...

15 January 2021
The Rise of the Fall Armyworm2021-03-01T11:01:18+11:00

Freshcare Standards for the fresh produce & wine grape industry


Freshcare is the largest Australian assurance program, specialising in food safety, quality, environmental an ...

1 September 2020
Freshcare Standards for the fresh produce & wine grape industry2021-02-18T13:23:44+11:00

Spraying Efficiency


The efficiency of refilling operations can have a major impact on the cost-effectiveness of spraying as well a ...

19 March 2020
Spraying Efficiency2020-12-17T15:08:12+11:00

Weather Station Networks


Weather station networks have been designed to provide real-time local weather information for a variety of us ...

27 November 2019
Weather Station Networks2020-12-17T15:08:50+11:00

Australian Cotton Mapping


Australian cotton industry leads the way with identifying pesticide sensitive sites. In 2019 Cotton Australia ...

27 November 2019
Australian Cotton Mapping2020-12-17T15:09:04+11:00

Managing weeds in hay and grain


We have seen considerable press about stock feed moving around the country to support drought-stricken primary ...

27 November 2019
Managing weeds in hay and grain2020-12-17T15:09:12+11:00